There are many great coaches out there supporting women. It is important to find the coach and the program that resonate with you - the one that speaks to your heart.

Hello my name is Kym , welcome to Born To Coach I am going to share with you what my Empowering Women's Coaching Program offers you, but first I will share a little about myself first.

I have been an Entrepreneur most of my working life - early on I knew our mission in life is to discover what we love to do and then work out a way to create a living doing that. With that mission in mind I have created and recreated several businesses throughout my journey so far.

When I was 35 I read "Freedom In Exile" a story about His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama's Life. It changed my view about adversity and it inspired me to embark on my own Personal Development journey to "fix" my life. It took some time and a lot of study to realise I was never broken, never "wrong" - I am a spiritual being having a human experience and the contrasts in life are our opportunity to learn and grow, to expand our human experience.

At age 40 I received clear intuitive guidance to work with women which lead me to becoming a Life Coach through Jack Canfields Program.

I have studied many modalities, Budhism, the Ways of the Goddess, paganism, Anthroposephy and Personal Development all have influenced me to form my own knowing of the purpose of my life.

In 2010 I attracted a beautiful Personal Empowerment company with an aligned mission of making a difference, their products are outstanding and I am grateful for the positive influence these products have on me.

I am extremely excited to be offering my Empowering Women's Coaching Program to support Women to transform their lives and live a life they truly love.

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Empowering Women's Coaching Program.

8 Week Program Designed to Empower You

❤️ Weekly Guided Meditations

❤️ 8, weekly Skype sessions tailored to you.

❤️ Access to our private Facebook Group to connect you with a supportive community of Empowered Women.

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Who my Empowering Women's Coaching Program is designed for:

❤️ Committed Women who are ready to take action and receive results

❤️ Women who are willing to push outside their comfort zone to become the truest version of themselves.

❤️ Women who have a deep desire to make a difference to their lives and the people around them.

❤️ Women who believe in a higher purpose and want to step into their power and be empowered.

If you are ready to be more, to do more and have more, click on the free information button and I will reach out to you personally to set up a phone session to share with you how I can support you to live an Empowered Life you love.

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P.S Give yourself permission to follow your heart, you will be amazed at what is waiting for you when you do.

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Earn a full time income,
DOING WHAT YOU LOVE, working from home.
Kym M
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